- Premium services

Premium services

Premium services:

Adena reward in pvp+60% adena reward in pvp. You get bonus to an award by killing those players or by giving penultimate damage. This service also works in party. 30 days: 490 talons
Full game period: 590 talons
Premium bufferUsing a buffs which unavailable in a simple buffer.10 days: 90 talons
30 days: 180 talons
Full game period: 220 talons
XP Bonus+100% to receiving experience from monsters and enemy players. This service also works in a party. You get a bonus by last hitting monster.30 days: 190 talons
Full game period: 290 talons

Premium functions:

Noble statusNoble has +4% bonus phisical/magic damage in pvp. He also can participate in olympiad games.140 talons
Darken nick colourThe insignia is a darkened nickname color.190 talons


AdenaAdena available from 3th day after server starts.
AccessoriesPrice: from 90 talons.
Personal marksYou cannot give a personal mark to another player within 1 week from server starts, but a mark can be exchanged to another mark with same level. Mark M1 costs 220 talons. Can be upgraded to M2 for 290 coupons.