- Donation


Without players who make donations, our project would not exist. Thank you to everyone who supports us, because only thanks to you we have an incentive to develop further. All funds are directed to the server renting, paying for the internet channel, and of course, to develop such a unique GVE-mode game

When making a donation, you need to specify your login. Immediately after paying your account balance will increase.
You can view your account balance in your personal account or in the game, talking to the Service Manager Richman (if you cannot find it - write in game/target Richman).
Account balance is calculated in talons. 1 talon = 1 ruble (~0,016 USD).

Account balance never resets! In case of a wipe, all spent talons in the last 30 days before the wipe will be returned to the account.

In case of problems, contact technical support:

  • Online chat on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Personal message on the forum to any moderator or administrator

  • In the game by talking to the donations manager, you can activate the following privileges:

    • +60% for receiving adena in PVP for 30 days: 390 talons. For the full game period: 550 talons.
    • +100% for receiving experience when killing players and monsters for 30 days: 190 talons. For the full game period: 290 talons.
    • Automatic use of CP/HP/MP for 30 days: 140 talons. For the full game period: 190 talons.
    • Premium buffer for 10 days: 60 talons. For 30 days: 140 talons. For the full game period: 190 talons.
    • Noblesse status: 175 talons.
    • M1 Mark: 195 talons. Upgrading a Mark to М2: 245 talons.
    • Accessory/headdress: from 50 to 99 talons.
  • Darker nickname color: 175 talons.