Learn about GVE

The usual game with new rules

Learn about GVE

Choose a faction and start your journey on GVE

Light faction

Town: Dion.

Dark faction

Town: Gludio.
Chose a faction, what is next?

Level up your character by fighting for your faction

Get adena and experience in PVP

  • The stronger the enemy, the more rewards you get for killing him.
  • Use debuffs and get a part of the reward even if the enemy was killed by someone else.
  • Fight for the fortresses

  • The longer fortress is held, the higher is reward for the seizure.
  • Restore destroyed gates while defending fortress.
  • Defend the artifact and fortress' commander, otherwise fortress will be lost.
  • Any clan can become "the ruling clan of the fortress". The ruling clan can make improvements for the fortress.
  • Earn glory points

  • Earn glory points by participating in the faction events to buy important items.
  • Defend your villages

  • Having a village gives an opportunity to teleport and resurrect there.
  • Restore destroyed objects to prevent other faction from taking over the village.
  • Buy mercenaries to protect villages.
  • PVE

    Group bosses

    Group bosses have a unique drop, which allows you to learn special skills:

    Group bosses are spawned every 5 minutes in each location. You can kill a group boss with a small group of players.

    Raid bosses

  • Get glory points depending on the amount of damage done to RB.
  • Precious drop and adena to any participant for killing RB.
  • Players of the same faction can attack each other during the battles for RB. Thus, even friendly clans of one faction can become enemies in pursuit of the Raid Stone.
  • Raid Stone is a valuable item that only 1 player will receive it after killing the RB. For the clans it is of the greatest importance.
  • Types of raid bosses:
  • Evening raid bosses at 22:00, 22:30, 23:00 (Moscow time).
  • Raid bosses with random spawn time.
  • Epic bosses

    The most exciting and largest server event.

  • The event is held on Mondays at 20:45.
  • Reward: 500 glory points to all players in the epic boss' lair.
  • The player with the highest damage done to the boss receives Epic Stone as a reward, which allows him to upgrade a mark to the highest level!
  • Also...

    Relics capture

  • Get a steady income from each captured relic.
  • Protect the relic from other players, including players of your faction!
  • Improve relic, put NPC defenders around.
  • Caravans

  • Take the caravan to the point of destination and get the reward.
  • Destroy the enemy caravan and manage to be the first to collect drop.
  • Unique events

  • Daily castles siege at 20:00.
  • Series of battles 5 vs 5.
  • Series of battles 4 vs 4 on self-buffs.
  • Domination.
  • PVP-arena.
  • Capture the flag.
  • Tower defence.
  • Last hero.
  • Battles 1 vs 1 with bets.
  • Olympiad

  • Cycle - 2 weeks.
  • For the whole cycle 100 fights are given. The player who wins the most for his class gets hero.
  • Schedule: 19:00-19:45, 21:15-22:00.
  • Class battles are abolished.
  • Achievements

    Earn achievement points by completing certain tasks. Achievement points give an opportunity to upgrade additional skills for bigger customization of your character.


    A lot of interesting quests will brighten up gaming weekdays.


  • Dungeons with a more attractive drop and quests.
  • The special boss at the end of the dungeon with a respawn time of 4 hours.
  • Marks and their upgrade

    Choose a mark which will give a bonus to a certain stat.

    Have a few marks to change them according to the situation during the battle.

    Upgrade mark's level:
  • To level М2 with resources.
  • To level М3 with Raid Stone.
  • To level М4 with Epic Stone.
  • One main location and other 20 changeable which allow to maintain a high concentration of players at any online.